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Arizona Tenants Association, Inc.
Board of Directors

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Janet Lucchesi, President and Executive Director.   Janet Lucchesi took over the organization in June of 2000 and since that time has substantially increased memberships at ATA, launched a successful multi-leveladvertising program, as well as enlistedthe aid of several new advocates for tenants. She is the mother of two teenagers, and understands the plight of singleparents trying to raise children in today's difficult world. Janet is a trained and educated Paralegal,having an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies.

James S. Warner, Vice President.   I'm a native of Arizona. Graduated from Arizona State University in 1986, B.S in Communications. I have a 14 year sales career as an Exclusive Agent with Allstate Insurance Company. JAMES S. WARNER - AGENT ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY (480) 461-9015 e-mail:


Richard Solaski, Vice President.  
  Felicity Mason.
Musa Spenser.  
Spring Winnette, Director.   Spring has been a resident of Arizona for a little over 2 years and a ATA member for almost 2 years. Spring is a writer and graphic artist. She maintains the ATA website and ATA membership database.